Ever wanted to keep in touch with a friend
but just forgot?

forge reminds you to connect with the people important to you. So that your relationships with friends, collegues, mentors never fade away

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Catch-ups scheduled

Simple timeline view to track catch-ups

View your upcoming catch-ups, set up new meetings and do so much more - with a clean checklist interface

One-click setup for single / recurring catch-ups

Reminders for important dates (e.g. birthdays)

Google calendar integration - COMING SOON

Contact view for info, history & notes

Sync contacts directly from your phone

Automatically syncronizes with your phonebook to retrieve basic contact details

Store notes and important details

Remember the little things about your friends and colleagues like their partner's name or their interests

Keeping in touch has never been simpler.

forge brings you all the benefits of a CRM, with the simplicity of a task + contacts manager


Syncs with your phone contacts for a one-click setup. No complex first time processes


Setup custom catch-ups, store info / notes, track important dates (e.g. birthdays) for each contact


Your meetings, notes are private and encrypted on your device. Not uploaded to any cloud

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Loved by thousands of users

Before this, I always used to forget to keep in touch with old friends. Now, with forge I'm actively calling them once in 2-3 months!

I used to manage my calendar and network on Notion earlier. Which was a bit cumbersome to track. Forge made it so much easier

I felt very bad when I missed keeping in touch with my mentors and former colleagues. Now I make an active effort to reach out to them often

Love that forge is easy to setup. No importing contacts, entering data, etc. etc.

Never miss a catch-up with a friend

Whatsapp / Zoom are the HOW.
forge tells you WHO and WHEN.